Mahatma Gandhi

'The Legacy of Gandhi Comes To SBU'

31 October, 2002

Article about a lecture, 'Diversity and Peacemaking: Is Gandhi Relevant in 2002?', given by Rajmohan at Stony Brook University, on 23 October 2002

Address to Mahatma Gandhi Canadian Foundation

2 October, 2002

Keynote address at Annual Banquet of the Mahatma Gandhi Canadian Foundation for World Peace

'Patel vs. Gandhi?'

6 April, 2002

Gujarat's Hindu militants should not be allowed to get away with the claim that they are Sardar Patel's followers.
Article in the Hindu

'Understanding Gujarat'

12 March, 2002

The truth is that the subcontinent's religious extremists never forgave Gandhi his beliefs and his triumphs.
Rajmohan writes in the Hindu

Honouring Martin Luther King's spiritual debt to Gandhi

1 December, 1998

Rajmohan Gandhi joined 16 black Americans and nearly 100 other travellers on a 'yatra' through Gujarat, land of Mahatma Gandhi's birth. They came to honour Martin Luther King's spiritual debt to Gandhi.

'The Origin and Growth of Satyagraha: Gandhi's Reaction to the Condition of Indians in South Africa'

31 August, 1994

Chapter by Rajmohan Gandhi in 'Gandhi & South Africa'. Ed. Shanti Sadiq Ali. Delhi: Hind Pocket Books, 1994.

New book

In this thought-provoking book, award-winning biographer and historian Rajmohan Gandhi sets the record straight on the founding fathers as well as their great opponent, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Along the way, he answers questions of perennial interest. More