Mahatma Gandhi

'The Mahatma's friends and family'

25 January, 2008

Article by Ramachandra Guha in the Times Literary Supplement of January 25, 2008 about four books on Gandhi, including Rajmohan's.

Mohandas: A True Story of a Man, His People and an Empire

1 October, 2007

A candid recreation of one of the most influential lives of recent times, this book finally answers questions long asked about the timid youth from India's west coast

'A Great Soul'

15 August, 2007

Review of 'Gandhi: the Man, His People and the Empire' by Charles Allen in the August 2007 issue of the Literary Review of London

'Father to a nation, stranger to his son'

10 August, 2007

Article in the Guardian by Sarfraz Manzoor, on a new film about Mahatma Gandhi and on Rajmohan's book

'Universal man'

21 July, 2007

Review of 'Gandhi: The Man, His People and The Empire' by Chandrahas Choudhury in 'The Scotsman'

'Rediscovering the Mahatma'

20 May, 2007

Review of 'Gandhi: The Man, His People and The Empire' by M.V. Kamath in the 'Organiser'

'India should bridge gulf between Islam, West'

3 May, 2007

Aziz Haniffa writes about a talk given by Rajmohan on 'The Islam/West Divide and India's Role: Hints from the Mahatma'

'Being Mohandas'

12 April, 2007

"We all know that a radical, all-encompassing love of humanity can be one of the most transformative forces on earth. Rajmohan Gandhi's book reminds us that it can spring from the most ordinary of hearts."

New book

In this thought-provoking book, award-winning biographer and historian Rajmohan Gandhi sets the record straight on the founding fathers as well as their great opponent, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Along the way, he answers questions of perennial interest. More