16 January, 2010
Rajmohan Gandhi flagged off the one-year long celebration in Mathrubhumi to commemorate 75 years of Mahatma Gandhi's visit to the daily.
13 January, 2010
To mark 75 years since Gandhiji's visit, Rajmohan Gandhi inaugurated the year-long celebrations at Mathrubhumi, Kerala
6 January, 2010
Review of 'A Tale of Two Revolts' by Bhupesh Bhandari in the Business Standard, Delhi
29 December, 2009
Soumya Bhattacharya, Mumbai Editor of the Hindustan Times, and a distinguished panel name Rajmohan Gandhi's biography of his grandfather as one of the best non-fiction books of the decade by Indian writers in English.
27 November, 2009
Rajmohan Gandhi spoke at a public lecture at the University of Geneva on the theme ‘The message of Mahatma Gandhi and Asia today’.
16 November, 2009
During a visit to speak to a packed university meeting on Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi, the Brown Daily Herald interviews Rajmohan Gandhi.
2 November, 2009
'Daily Campus', the largest daily college newspaper in the state of Connecticut, reports a talk at the University of Connecticut by Rajmohan Gandhi on the emergence and context of Gandhi's nonviolence, or ahimsa.
21 October, 2009
5 October, 2009
Rajmohan Gandhi was among the speakers when hundreds of peace demonstrators walked through downtown Hamilton to support the nonviolence philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi.
13 August, 2009
The Chinese translation of 'The Good Boatman', Rajmohan Gandhi's first biography of his grandfather, hits Beijing’s stands.

New book

In this thought-provoking book, award-winning biographer and historian Rajmohan Gandhi sets the record straight on the founding fathers as well as their great opponent, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Along the way, he answers questions of perennial interest. More