25 March, 2010
After Indonesia, Rajmohan Gandhi visits South Africa
19 March, 2010
A major feature on Rajmohan Gandhi, President of Initiatives of Change International, appeared in Kompas, one of Indonesia's biggest newspapers on 19 March.
6 March, 2010
Rajmohan Gandhi give the Sarat Bose Memorial Lecture at Netaji Bhawan, Kolkata.
24 February, 2010
23 January, 2010
18 January, 2010
Rajmohan Gandhi visits Chennai to launch his new book 'A Tale of Two Revolts'

New book

In this thought-provoking book, award-winning biographer and historian Rajmohan Gandhi sets the record straight on the founding fathers as well as their great opponent, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Along the way, he answers questions of perennial interest. More