The brighter side of midnight

15 August, 2010

The Times of India writes about a recent Ford Foundation project by Nandy and Rajmohan Gandhi which "stands out as something that specifically deals with the humane side of Partition and is helping the process of reconciliation begin".

'Why Partition Occurred: An Understanding'

6 March, 2010
Rajmohan Gandhi give the Sarat Bose Memorial Lecture at Netaji Bhawan, Kolkata.

Full text of the Sarat Bose Memorial Lecture by Rajmohan Gandhi Netaji Bhawan, Kolkata, 6.30 pm, Saturday 6 March 2010

'A Perspective on Partition'

31 August, 2000

Chapter by Rajmohan Gandhi in 'The Partition in Retrospect'. Ed. Amrik Singh. New Delhi: Anamika Publishers in association with National Institute of Panjab Studies, 2000.