Indo-Pak relations

'A Merger of Interests'

2 January, 2010

'India must encourage Pakistanis who stand up against jihadists and know where their interests lie - and what Islam really is.' Rajmohan Gandhi writes in the Hindustan Times.

South Asian group visits Caux, Switzerland

27 July, 2009

A distinguished group from Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka visited the Initiatives of Change conference centre in Caux, Switzerland, on the invitation of Rajmohan Gandhi. They participated in the second Caux Forum for Human Security, attended by over 400 people from around the world.

'Unopened Books and Books of Fire: History and the Subcontinent'

7 April, 2001

Remarks given at Yale University

Despite restrictions on the movement of books and periodicals across the India-Pakistan border, several studies on the history and politics of Pakistan, or studies of the movement against British rule written from a Pakistani perspective, are available on the bookshelves of Indian libraries and reading rooms; and the opposite is also true. In some rare instances, such studies composed in the neighboring country are even published in India and Pakistan, and more are imported from third country publishers.

'No One is to Blame for Their DNA'

1 October, 2005

Rajmohan Gandhi warns against the poisonous wind which targets people for being born Muslim, American or Jew.

'Joining hands for peace'

22 July, 2008

Article in Dawn on Indo-Pak relations