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Message from Karnataka: Mallikarjun Kharge must take centre stage

He invites respect, not rivalry. He is seasoned in politics and experienced in governance

We Are Neglecting These Two Large Countries

Indians, Nigerians and Brazilians can learn from one another how a large country's diversity may be turned into wealth and strength.

Rajmohan Gandhi writes on textbook deletions: You can’t delete Gandhi’s truth

Killing the thought that India belongs to everyone, killing the historical truth that Gandhi underlined that thought, and killing the connected historical truth that Gandhi was murdered above all for that underlining — those are impossible exercises.

Thank God For Independent Minds

Unfairness often descends from above, from those with power, but around us are compatriots who want everyone's dignity to be respected.

The BBC raids and India today: Questions even a child could ask

Why are leaders not answering the simplest of questions? The silence does not bode well for India's traditions of debate and dissent

Don't Be Shocked If Mughal Art, Cuisine Get New Names

To call a garden "Mughal" was to describe the garden, not to memorialise a dynasty.

Shared unbelonging

It is the inalienable right of any and every Indian to fight for dignity, equality, and liberty, and, simultaneously, offer fraternity to his or her compatriots. A Muslim Indian’s right to do this is not less than that of a Hindu. Not one nanogram less.

Does PM Modi's "One Earth, One Family" Slogan Apply To India?

There's a difference between the zahreeli hawa of 1947 and today's heady mix of contempt and arrogance - of nafrat and ghamand. Hurts caused by real injuries may heal with time, or they may be set aside by wisdom, or by the warnings of our conscience.

Kasturba was radical and independent

This was Kasturba and her determination. She had the lawyer-like skill, and the toughness of leadership. She had intellectual jousts with her husband.

Confronting 'Nafrat', Has Rahul Gandhi Broken The Spell Of Fear?

By openly confronting nafrat, Rahul Gandhi's yatra may have broken the spell of fear. Bharat Jodo has turned out to be an excellent slogan. It is a necessary one, too.