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Rahul Gandhi Fumbles With Savarkar Remark But Yatra Is Needed

Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Yatra...seems to be providing evidence that people who believe in everyone's dignity, who reject hierarchy and supremacy, who want to reach out to all their compatriots on India's good earth, will find comrades and fellow marchers.

What PM Modi Said At Bali - Versus The Reality

Can anyone invoke Gandhi without inviting a reminder of Ishwar Allah Tere Naam? ...In our noble land, our children are being divided into the greater and the lesser, our people into the superior and the inferior. The urge to dominate, coerce, and humiliate is being given a fillip...

Rishi Sunak's Perfectly-Crafted First Speech

The brilliant short speech he made after King Charles III asked him to be the Premier is worth studying by every aspirant for office in any democracy, and by all students of politics.

BBC Hindi interview

BBC's Iqbal Ahmad interviews Rajmohan Gandhi (in New Delhi, in Hindi) on India's current ideological climate.

Witness to History

Shreekant Sambrani reviews Rajmohan Gandhi's new book, in Business Standard.

‘I am shaken, but not crushed’

"The India of his boyhood dream is under fearsome assault, but Rajmohan Gandhi isn’t giving up hope." Manu S. Pillai interviews Rajmohan Gandhi in Frontline.

A gentle nudge at the soul of India

Avijit Pathak review's Rajmohan Gandhi's new book "India After 1947: Reflections & Recollections" in The Tribune of India

Quest for fraternity

Uma Mahadevan-Dasgupta reviews Rajmohan Gandhi's new book "India After 1947: Reflections & Recollections" in The Hindu

India@75: A timely study of the state of the nation

"Rajmohan Gandhi’s ‘India after 1947’ can be read in one sitting – and needs to be reread several times these days", writes Governance Now.

When the Mahatma returned home

Hindustan Times podcast: 1947: Road to Indian Independence. Prashant Jha with Rajmohan Gandhi.